Rubber Stone Mats – Interlocking & Square Cut

Durable. Slip Resistant. Sound Absorbing. Shock Resistant. Resistant to Snow & Ice. Low VOC. Skate Blade Resistant. Reversible. Backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty against defects.


Our Rubber Stone Mats are made from premium quality recycled rubber. They are precision cut with water jet technology for the most precise fit. Unlike most rubber mats which are produced from a roll and stamped, our mats are made in a pressed-brick and planed to a desired thickness. Since they started flat they will remain flat. Rubber has a memory and will always try to revert back to its natural state. This is why most customers of other mats complain that the edges of their mats curl. Our Rubber Stone Mats will NEVER roll or curl.


Even though our mats are heavy duty (our ½” thick mats are comparable to a competitor’s 1” thick mats) they are polymer-bonded, not vulcanized like other mats. Vulcanized mats can feel like hockey pucks. Our mats are soft, pliable and easy on the feet, making flooring in barns and horse trailers some of the most popular applications for Rubber Stone Mats.


Rubber Stone Mats come in solid black or with color flecks. Each mat covers 9 ½ square feet. They come in thicknesses of 5/16”, 3/8” and ½”. Interlocking mats can be removed and reinstalled as needed. Square cut mats are used for permanent, glue down applications.


Rubber Stone Mats are great in basements, home gyms, commercial gyms, barns, kennels, livestock trailers, grooming stalls, tack & feed areas, dog runs, muddy areas, animal ramps, workshops, recreation facilities, ski resorts, boats, playrooms, offices, skating rinks and more.

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